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Tina's Bed and Biscuit

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Sponsor a long term resident!


Not all dogs can be adoped right away. 

Some dogs need time, and YOU can help.

They need time to overcome abuse, health issues, or they simply have special needs. Consider sponsoring one of our long term residents, shown below, to help with daily food costs and medical care.

They are so worth it!

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Tail Wags and Kisses

The Wishlist is full of items like special snacks, toys, and medications.

Please, look over the Wishlist and choose something that YOU would like the babies to have!

Every item makes their day better!

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Long Term Goal - Building Fund

Tina’s Bed and Biscuit has been providing shelter to dogs in need for many years. Each year, the number of dogs whose lives are ended due to lack of space increases, and our services are needed more and more. It is our mission to provide assistance to as many dogs as possible.

At Tina’s Bed and Biscuit, we cannot stand the thought of turning away dogs that need our services simply because we do not have a facility to accommodate them. Our current facility can only accommodate Northern Breeds, as we do not have an enclosed building. Because of the increasing need for assistance, Tina’s Bed and Biscuit has committed to changing our facility so that we may fully serve the needs of ALL dogs that are impacted by the loss of a temporary home.

In order to fulfill our mission, we need an enclosed, heated/air conditioned building, with a natural gas generator to supply water and heat to the dogs during power outages (we are in the storm/snow belt of Michigan!). To get the building we need to serve the dogs fully, we need your help. Please consider making a donation to the Tina’s Bed and Biscuit Building Fund. All monies raised will be escrowed and used solely to fund construction of our new facility. With this new space, we'll be able to save several more dogs each year, because a proper building will allow us to take in ALL breeds, which will have a residual positive impact on the community as a whole.

All donations are needed and appreciated, regardless of size. Please think about how important the work of Tina’s Bed and Biscuit really is, and consider the positive impact a better facility will have on those in our community who just need a place to stay, get their medical needs attended to, and be loved and cared for until their forever home is found. Please, consider a donation to Tina’s Bed and Biscuit Building Fund, so we may expand our outreach and make sure that no dog is euthanized because they did not have a safe place.

You can use the secure PayPal option below, or mail your tax deductible donation to:

Tina's Bed and Biscuit
13030 Honor Hwy
Beulah MI 49617

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Tina's Bed and Biscuit

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